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If you don't, GTFO and choose another language. If you speak English, you're in the right place...

Welcome to Thisismadness, hitchhiker of the Internet! You've chosen the english menu! That means you're English, Scotish, Irish, American, Australian, South African... or just a cocky guy who wants to demostrate a good English level. In that case, FUCK OFF.


Anyway, welcome to our web! If you were lookign for something new and special, you're lucky, we are the freakiest website you could ever find! Come in, compare and if you find something better (or worst, that depends on your opinion about freaks), that's your problem! But there's one thing you can't do here... you cannot escape! Unless you press the key to return... but don't do that, you fool man (or girl) or a lightsaber storm will fall upon your head!


Don't be afraid at all... this is the most original, cheerful, the craziest, the only... and you can also clear up those existential doubts we have, at least, once in our life, such as "who is better in a pee contest, Darth Vader or the Witch-King of Angmar?" or "who would win in a fight, Superman or Jesus (Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, of course)?".


Yes, mates... we have the answers... so, come in and see, explore, make your darkest wishes come true and, of course, enjoy this colourful and crazy universe called Thisismadness!!!!!


Even Harry likes us!!! Harry rules!!!
Even Harry likes us!!! Harry rules!!!

"Thisismadness, the only place in the world where you can feel like you're drunk without drinking a drop"